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American Estimating has been serving the construction industry for more than 10 years. We provide unsurpassed professional estimating and takeoff services as well as cost validation, expert witness services and more. Our skilled team uses the latest software to provide the most accurate costs estimates. Our clients enjoy the fastest turnaround time in the industry at fees that are extremely competitive. American Estimating is providing professionals fast and accurate building cost estimates and material takeoffs. And provide grade cost estimates throughout all the design phases of public and private commercial and institutional construction projects. We are a team of specialized individuals with different skill sets, focused on providing our clients with the latest construction estimations innovations. Our name and performance tells it all. You can trust that when working with American Estimating, we will do what we say and we will keep sensitive information confidential.

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  • A comprehensive estimate is an important first step towards a profitable job. The goal of our Estimating Department is to provide you with good services that can lead you to win the project. Our estimates typically include everything that goes in to construction, from framing to finishing. We also include allowances for items like fasteners, hardware, and stairs.


  • We specialize in quantity takeoffs for both labor and materials. We do takeoffs from digital plans. In fact, material takeoffs and quantity takeoffs comprise the majority of the estimating we do. This entails measuring, counting and figuring quantities of any given construction item contained within the plans. Our takeoffs are specifically tailored to each individual client, e.g., sq. ft. of concrete or cu. yd. of concrete.


  • Get your designs estimated from the initial sketch stage to insure that your client can afford to build the project,then at the working drawing stage or the tender stage, taking away future stress of unhappy clients who cannot afford to continue with the project. A detailed estimation is necessary for predicting the cost of any facility under construction. It is an important part of overall cost management for the builder.

Construction Designing & Planning

  • American Estimating with a collaborative teaming environment that fulfills multiple parallel objectives, such as quality, budget and schedule management. With a focus on quality, efficient use of funding, timely decision-making and risk mitigation That’s why Clients around the globe turn to American Estimating for their Designing,Planing, and Estimation projects.

Machenical, Electrical & Plumbing EXPERTISE

  • Our in-house MEP team has over 120+ years of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing expertise.Our MEP services include detailed MEP estimates throughout the design, parallel estimates with the trade subcontractors for bid pricing review, change order and value-added cost-reducing options.


  • Design Estimates Screening estimates Engineer’s estimates (based on specifications and architectural plans). Preliminary cost estimates Control Estimates. Budget cost estimate for financing purposes.

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If you have any project for estimation and need our services to make a perfect estimate, just contact with us through email or call.

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